Sunday, 15 May 2011

Procrastination & Inspiration

Having written the last blog post on inspiration, today I’m plagued with procrastination. I have nearly everything in place ready to send off my book proposal to prospective agents. All I have to do is polish up my first sample chapter. Sounds like a simple task, but I wrote it such a long time ago and over that period my book has morphed into something slightly different that I’m not sure what to keep, what to change and what to bin.

Some of it doesn’t even sound like my writing. Have you ever had that? Where you get so far into the zone and the words are streaming in, and then suddenly you look up and it’s as if someone else has been sitting at your keyboard because you can’t possibly have written the words you see before you. They’re so wise, well informed and coherent! Well, I could do with some of that today, but I’m not sure I’m going to find the space for that to happen.

Distraction seems to be the theme of the day – though I suspect its subconsciously driven procrastination. So far, this morning, I got up late (losing myself an hour of quiet child-free time), then I made the excuse of needing to walk the dogs (we’re dog-sitting for friends this week) and killed another hour. Then the kids needed sorting with their learning (they’re home-educated) and the dogs needed feeding. And then, when I finally sat down at my laptop I had to get up again to get the dogs in because the sheep were being moved in the field next door and the phone rang. By this time the kids had finished their quiet learning time and all hell broke loose… and so it goes on. No space for inspiration today.

Part of me is glad for the distractions, as I don’t have time to tackle that first chapter. The other half of me is chastising myself at not getting up earlier and getting it sorted.

Still, in reality the day is young. Maybe this afternoon will bring peace, solitude and a little inspiration…

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