Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Should we develop Special Powers?

When you start seriously exploring meditation and do some in-depth reading about it, you’ll often find information about Siddhis (special powers) and how, whilst they can manifest during your practice, they are not the be all and end all of meditation. And I’ll agree with that - there is so much more to meditation. But whilst we are often actively encouraged not to pursue Siddhis or be distracted by them, I believe we should all learn how to use them. After all what are these special abilities there for if not to be used?

Last summer I really needed one of those special powers - the gift of telepathy. My great aunt was dying and what I needed then, more than ever, was the ability to be able to communicate in another way that didn’t require speech, as she could no longer move or talk. To have had the ability to understand her needs through some other means and do what she wanted, whether that be move her legs, or sit her up a bit, or wet her lips, would have meant the world to me then. Instead my mum, her sister and I had to guess what she wanted, and often ended up frustrating her further.

On occasion using the ability of clairsentience I was able to tune into her discomfort and try to interpret the feelings I felt in my body, and that seemed help a little, though I did get it wrong on occasion! I have at least enhanced that skill through the power of meditation, but it fell short of being able to talk ‘head to head’. So to my mind, right now, the advice is wrong. We have forgotten these natural skills and we need to relearn, or remember how to do them through the practice of meditation. After all, we’ll never know when we might really need them!

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