Friday, 3 June 2011

Psychic Protection – The Pentagram

I've been away this last week staying with my mum. She makes me laugh. She asked me if there was anything she could do to help protect herself at night so she could get a good nights sleep. (In her last house, mum suffered several nights of psychic attack and has been sleeping badly ever since. She now sleeps with a crucifix under her pillow).

Anyway, I suggested drawing a pentagram around herself and proceeded to draw one on her bedroom wall to demonstrate how to do it. To which her first comment was “Isn’t that the sign of the devil?” I ask you… she’s either watched too much Charmed or else it’s her Christian upbringing!

I explained that yes, in the past an upside down pentagram has had some dark connotations, but that when it’s the right way up (point at the top) it is not a sign for evil. In fact, it is very far from it. For many it represents the connected-ness of Life. It has symbolic correspondences (earth/wood, water/metal, fire, wind/air, void/spirit) that are not only used by various religious groups, such as Wiccans*, but often by tai chi and other martial artists, in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, and also by space clearers and Feng Shui practitioners. It is also a mathematical geometric shape that is all around us. So hardly bad!

How to draw a pentagram round yourself:

Either standing upright or laying flat on your bed, imagine drawing a pentacle in front of you. Starting at your right hand, ‘draw’ a line in your mind across to your left hand. Then take the line down to your right foot, then back up to your head, down to your left foot and finally back up to your right hand to complete the star.

To draw one behind you simply start with your left hand, draw a line across your back to your right hand, then down to your left foot, up to the back of your head, back down to your right foot and then back up to your left hand.

Having completed both pentagrams, fill them with gold light. If you have trouble visualising, try actually tracing the shape using your index and second finger across the front your body. You’ll find it really helps to set your intention.

(Thanks to my recently qualified Crystal Healing friend, Richard for teaching me this technique. Don’t know why I hadn’t tried it before!)

How does the Pentagram protect?

I have no idea. Perhaps it has to do with energy - bringing in the forces of nature (earth, water, etc.,) - tapping the fundamental power of the universe as it were. Maybe it’s more to do with intention – not just mine, but eons worth of use. I suspect it has a lot to do with the pentagram and all it’s correspondences focusing the mind and reaching the subconscious in an instant. All I know for sure is that it works. I recently tried it out on my husband. When he was having one of his rants I planted a pentagram between us. This resulted in him getting angrier as his 'bad' energy was bounced back to him. Then suddenly he became totally exasperated and eventually walked off saying he couldn’t get through to me! Pretty good protection I’d say! ;)

* Upright the pentagram is often used for banishing. Inverted it can represent the second level of initiation depending on which tradition is followed.

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