Thursday, 23 June 2011

Skyclad Solstice!

Following my post about whether we should bother going to a Sacred site to celebrate the Summer Solstice this year (see post: A Magical Summer Solstice), I nearly missed the sunrise altogether! What’s more, I even watched it naked! This is what happened… (We decided to stay at home, by the way)…

I woke up with a start - it was already light outside! “I must have missed it!”

I checked the clock. “4.35am, bugger! Still, maybe the bedroom clock is fast?”

I leapt out bed and grabbed my clothes. Not wanting to wake everyone, I thought, “I know, I’ll get dressed downstairs”, and so I tiptoed down the steps as fast as I could. The kitchen clock read 4.31am - I had one minute to spare! “Bugger. No time to get dressed - just grab a sleeping bag and get outside.”

…And so I welcomed in the longest day in true Pagan style, Skyclad! (Not something I could ever experience at a Sacred site!). I had still rushed, racing against the sun, swapping our usual last minute winding country road race for hopping barefoot over our shingle drive and dodging the thistles and sheep poo out in the field. But I made it in time to see the sun peek over the edge of the horizon before it was lost in amongst the clouds.

It was my first solitary solstice and it was magical. I was treated to my very own light show of golden yellows, orange, red and blue hues as the clouds danced across the face of the rising sun and cast rays of light up into the sky. The wind was warm and gentle against my skin. Birds provided the sweet music and I had the smells of nature all around me (sheep poo included!).

Did I miss the drumming and the celebration that I would have got at a Sacred site? Yes, but I still had an evening celebration to look forward to… Labyrinth walking, drumming, chanting, channeling, friendship and cake, lots of cake! A truly fabulous night, but I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow… Theresa xx

What did you get up to? And where did you celebrate your Solstice? Were you with friends or alone? Share your experience by leaving a comment. I’d love to hear from you! Txx


  1. Well, I was alone, tucked up in bed. One more sunrise to me. Having spent years working night shifts and also fishing, I appreciate the magic of early mornings. Maybe you need to experience an early summer's morning more often. Your frenetic preparations once a year may then become less important as an annual novelty wears off, replaced by regular spiritual connections.
    G xx

  2. Theresa - Did you make it up for sunrise this morning? Early morning was beautiful.
    G xx

  3. Hi G

    It’s nice to hear from you again!

    Like you, I too have seen more than my fair share of early mornings and sunrises - over 6 years of milking cows - many a blurry-eyed morning!

    You’re right though, I should make the effort to see the sunrise more often. I tend to rely on the nights when I’m experiencing “The Watch” to see the sun up, which probably only happens to me a few times a month. The trouble is I like my duvet too much and I do need my beauty sleep! Good job I have yoga and meditation to get my spiritual kicks, which I can do later in the morning once I’ve prised the duvet off ;-)

    Were you up fishing this morning, or are you always an early bird?