Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Christian & The Witch

One of my friends has just said goodbye to the UK for four years in order to fulfill a lifelong ambition doing missionary work abroad. With the aid of her local Christian centre she raised enough funds to allow her and her family to move to Tanzania where they will work full-time in community projects set up by her church. I shall miss my friend – she taught me a lot.

We’re a strange friendship mix – her, the Christian and me 'the witch' as she occasionally called me. During our conversations we often came to an impasse over our beliefs. I remember one time, many years ago, we went camping together and got talking about the weather. She told me that the forecast was for rain and so I said I’d cast a spell for sunshine. She very quickly replied that she would say a prayer instead. I rather glibly came back with, “It’s the same thing”, to which she retorted that it was no such thing, and that not only would she send a prayer to God to change the weather, but that she’d also pray for me, as well!

We also disagreed on healing methods too. I recall our last time was just a few months back. It was on a Monday morning just as we were getting ready for our swimming lesson. I was moaning that I was feeling a little delicate and generally trying to get out of going for a swim (she was my swimming teacher). After telling me that I looked like shit and then inquiring as to why I was feeling so rough I explained that I’d had a particularly heavy crystal healing session. She immediately told me I should stop all my mumbo jumbo therapies and to come to her church to get some proper faith healing.

Oh yes, we certainly had some interesting discussions! But the way I see is this…

All spiritual belief systems and religions are pretty much doing the same thing. Their methodologies, while perhaps appearing to differ on the surface, share common features. Even their teachings are similar. As soon as more people begin to recognise and acknowledge this, there will be more tolerance and understanding. Maybe then we can share the best of what we know and we will all benefit instead of seeing differences and division. My friend taught me about the power of faith, of facing your fears, of never giving up on your dreams and also about making time to play. I shall miss her laughter.

I’m not really a witch by the way, but I can see why people might think I am. Alongside my many wacky interests and ideas, I dowse, make the odd concoction from herbs if the kids get ill, do a bit of healing, hug trees and also request sunny days and parking spaces from the universe when I need them. I guess in the past I may have been burned for my activities (maybe I was!), but I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a witch. My mum though still has the dreadful habit of telling everyone I am, especially at her parties where there seems to be a prominence of Christians. It makes for an interesting atmosphere I can tell you! I have to keep one eye on the matches and an ear open for the cry of, ‘Burn the witch!’… Only joking ;-) … Blessed Be! Txx

Discussing religion and people’s spiritual beliefs is contentious ground to tread, but if you feel up to it, why not share your thoughts below. Maybe you think it's a totally subjective experiential topic that shouldn’t be shared?

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