Thursday, 7 July 2011

Crystal Clear!

Up until a few months ago I’d never even considered having crystal healing, but as my friend Richard was training to be a crystal healer and needed guinea pigs to experiment on I thought I’d help out.

Right from my first session I knew this wasn’t some airy-fairy therapy. As soon as Richard started laying crystals around me I was racked with the shakes as energy started to shift through my body. I flipped between being hot one minute and cold the next, and as stagnant energy was released from my system, I sighed, yawned and burped! And then, as if that wasn’t enough to convince me that something real was happening, for the next two days following the treatment I was totally exhausted and felt as if I’d been run over by a truck! These were exactly the same symptoms I was used to experiencing after having a full-blown chiropractic session, and definitely not something I expected to have happen from a few crystals being placed on my body!

Now the cynical of you out there will probably be thinking “what a load of crock!” and that it’s all in my head – that I want to believe something is happening, and so it is a kind of placebo effect - but I’m not the only one who feels the effects. If anyone were qualified to say it’s just a ‘mind thing’, it would have to be my anally retentive psychoanalytical therapist husband, but now having tried crystal healing for himself he’s equally convinced, as I am, that crystal healing shifts something and works. In fact, my husband normally needs up to three days recovering in bed after his sessions!

It’s after we’ve passed the period of healing crisis though that we experience the most exciting part of crystal healing – we both have a very sudden and marked increase of energy and also a greater sense of well-being. There are physical changes, too. After just two sessions my husband’s knees, which he damaged through years in the building game, are starting to feel stronger and I’ve found that I no longer suffer with chronic back pain. Even a long-term injury I gained while working on the farm has all but disappeared. The best change of all is our mental outlook; my husband is calmer, I’m more creative and we have both have regained a zest for life.

My last crystal session was particularly exciting though. As soon as Richard put the first stone down, even he knew something had occurred. “Are you meditating again, Theresa?” he asked as he placed a crystal by my Crown chakra. “Yes”, I replied. “I thought so”, he said, “Your energy has changed”. (In the previous session, Richard had cleared a blockage in my brow chakra as I was having trouble meditating.) As he got to my heart chakra he muttered, “This is interesting…”

By the time he reached my feet, he exclaimed, “Well, Theresa, I don’t know what else you’ve been up to, but it’s working. All your centres (chakras) are open and balanced and your energy field is the correct egg shape.” (The first time in 10 years!) “I can’t find any blockages at all. You truly are Crystal Clear!”

Richard then went on to put high vibration crystals on and around my body sending me off onto another phase of my spiritual development. And as I felt myself drifting out of my body up into the higher planes, Richard made some joke about me being so vibrationally clear, that I’d soon become invisible…

… don’t worry, I’ll float back here soon! Txx

Richard trained with The Rose School. If you’d like to know about the courses they offer, please visit:

Are you a practitioner, or do you have any healing? If so, share your experiences below. I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. You know, when I'm in a a bit of a grumpy mood, (like now) I jut wonder if all this energy stuff is just a figment of our vivid imaginations and perhaps a load of cobblers. You know, we see what we want to see and feel what we want to feel. In other words we experience what we call the placebo effect which could be just the result of a chemical reaction(s) within us. To some excitable types this involves days of imagined recuperation from these imagined effects or even a 'healing' (real to them), to others a shrug of the shoulders. I bet that if presented with an event expected to produce hysteria (mouse for instance) each of the above groups would react in a similarly hypo or passive way. Remember that your brain can't tell the difference between imagined and real. And waving a lump or two of rock around really does test my beliefs, more so than plain energy healing. Why something physical to channel energy? Maybe time for bed and some physical kip to relieve the grumpiness. Recharge the batteries with energy. Placebo her we come. Nighty night. xx