Saturday, 2 July 2011

More Haste, Less Speed!

“Have you got a busy day ahead?” my friend asked me yesterday morning.

“How did you guess?” I answered.

“Your aura has a rather busy look about it” she replied.

Busy? Busy is the understatement of the week, hence my lack of blog posts! As well as my usual weekly juggle of learning activities with the kids (we home educate), my own studying and writing, household chores (never my strong point), cleaning out the chickens and mowing our massive lawn, I had the task of completing and posting a long overdue quarterly newsletter for the MBS group I help organize.

The production of the newsletter began ever so calmly a few weeks ago, but very swiftly gained momentum this week, resulting into rushing mode. One of the speakers changed some details at the last minute, resulting in my needing to redo massive sections of text and condensing other sections so I could cram it all into it’s allotted small space which seemed to take me forever. And then just as I thought I was on the home straight I ran out of ink half way through printing!

So off to town we trotted (a journey I could really have done without) destination Staples photocopier swiftly followed by BB’s coffee shop to compile the finished article. In between slurps of coffee and mouthfuls of muffin, my husband folded the newsletters, I stuffed them into envelopes, my son stuck on the stamps and my daughter popped them into a box ready for posting. We finally got them into the post box yesterday evening with a huge sigh of relief. It wasn’t until I was lying in bed at the end of the day running through the newsletter in my head that I suddenly realised that I’d made a major error. I’d written down a meeting date incorrectly… Argh! In my efforts to get the newsletter out, I’d made a blunder. I could hear my dad’s words echoing in my ears, coming back to haunt me from my childhood – “more haste, less speed”.

So what did I do? Well, I rolled over and went to sleep, full in the knowledge that sitting up all night worrying would not solve anything and that I could at least amend the email version before sending it in the morning. (The godsend of electronic mail – you can always amend your cock-ups immediately and hit ‘resend’ if you need to!)

In the past I would have been up half the night fretting. So what’s changed? My mind state. On the flipside of my chaotic week I had an amazing crystal healing session (which I’ll share with you in my next post), joined a fabulous meditation group for children (that my kids absolutely loved), did yoga every morning and a minimum of 20 minutes meditation every evening. That's the secret to my altered state of mind.

It's taken me years to combat my neurotic personality, but at last the accumulation of all my mind-freeing activities have started to make real noticeable effects in my life. To top the week I had my 'date with the artist' at the Buddhist centre and you’ll never guess what the meditation and teaching was about…'busyness' (yes, the teacher used that word!) and how meditation helps find peace of mind. They’re right, it does! Good job too as I’ve got an even busier week coming up next week! Txx

Do you naturally cope with life and have everything in control? Or are you exploring different methods to find peace of mind? If so, which ways work for you and which ways don’t? Share your experiences by leaving a comment – I’d love to know what works for you.


  1. I find Qi Gong is now starting to help, although it's taken a long time to travel through the 'force the Qi' state to truly experiencing it (intermittently, occasionally). I'm not a natural at meditation. There were a few months while away from my Qi Gong mentor, David, at that I had to stop as a session took me straight back to to my darkest anxiety days. Nowadays, I quite enjoy our group sessions up on the hill in Wirksworth.
    Despite my initial scepticism, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is working wonders along with its spin off Matrix Reimprinting. Sometimes instant calm, sometimes nothing.
    Either way, the expression Yi Tao, Qi Tao (pronounced Yi Dow, Chi Dow - loosely translated - where the intention flows, the Qi flows) applies to whatever works for you. With intention, I suppose we're back to the ever present Law of Attraction.

    G xx

  2. Hi G!

    Good to hear you do Qi Gong! I love it too – it’s an amazing example of how you don’t have to sit still to ‘be still’. I’m a great believer that there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and if Qi Gong, or EFT/Matrix is what gets you into the right frame of mind, i.e., an ASC or meditative state, then good on you.

    I can totally relate to the “Sometimes instant calm, sometimes nothing”. I’ve learnt the key is to do it anyway, though I will chop and change methods to by pass my conscious mind. Sometimes I relish silence and stillness practices, other times I need to get up dance my way there.

    Re your ‘darkest anxiety days’ – I reckon you should go through them however painful they might be. It’s only by facing my demons that I’ve really grown. I’m not there yet, but I’m a little less neurotic for it!